How To Get Over Your Ex

Tired of feeling lost, alone and rejected? Want your ex to notice you, desire you and ultimately want you back in their arms? Then discover a simple way to


Recapture your lover’s heart and mind with simple tactics that reignite their positive feelings about you (… even if you’re the only one trying.)

What if I handed you a proven, step by step system to get your ex back – or at least wish they never left you – in 60 days or less?

Better still…

What if I told you this works, even if you’re the only one trying?

Below is the exact formula I’ve been secretly using to help people get their loved ones back in a matter of weeks, without making the same mistakes that most people make (I’ll cover those mistakes in just a second.)

Today I’m handing this formula to you, so you don’t have to spend another month of feeling lost, rejected and constantly reminded of what used to be… and you certainly don’t have to waste hundreds of dollars on therapists, counsellors or other services that give out “wishy-washy” advice.

How Can I Be So Sure This Works?

The thing most people don’t realize about their ex partners – and about relationships in general – is that they can be saved and repaired, even when it seems like it’s all over.

And the way to do that is not through begging, obsessive behaviour, feeling sorry for yourself, or “staying friends.”

These things might feel like the right thing to do, but they’re the kiss of death for trying to get your ex back.

With a few simple steps – both practical and psychological – you can get your ex back, even if they’ve started seeing somebody else and “seem” happy.

I know it sounds farfetched…

But the truth is that people get back together all the time. Even when they appeared to have moved on… or even when they’ve moved away to a new town or country.

Maybe you’ve seen people you know get back together? It’s not uncommon.

The only difference is, until now, this act of getting back together was just considered “fate” or “luck” and nobody has really peeled back the curtain to reveal how these people got back together…

… or considered that there’s actually a formula that works for thousands of different situations and hundreds of different types of people, to get their partners back.

How can it work for so many people?

Because the following formula is based around something all humans respond to… simple psychological triggers that change our hearts and minds, almost subconsciously.

But this is not manipulation. This is gentle, subtle persuasion techniques to make your ex regain those lost feelings about you… and finally come back into your arms for good.

Each step and technique is fully revealed, inside:

“Either Get Your Ex Back OR ...

Make Them Wish They'd Never Left You!”

Over the years, I’ve realized that the best way to get anyone to do anything is with proven psychological triggers and persuasion… and by “positioning” yourself in a way that people really respond to you.

I’ve seen the following methods work on reality TV, within my own groups of friends, and even in my own relationship.

Until now, I’ve never seen anyone put them altogether into a complete A-B-C guide that shows you every little trick, technique and process you can use to get your ex back, before they forget about you.

This comprehensive Ebook shows you, in practical and psychological steps, how to get your ex back and reignite the love you once had… possibly for ever.

Here’s what you’re going to discover:

  • The biggest “panic driven” mistakes people make, and how to avoid them

  • How to deal with your current emotions, and stay calm

  • How to use proven negotiation tactics to get your ex back on side

  • How to stay calm and confident when your ex meets someone new

  • what to do to get your ex backHow to leverage your ex’s new partner to get him or her back

  • How to become irresistible to your ex, without even talking to them

  • How to deal with situations where kids are involved

  • How to regain your confidence before you get your ex back

  • How to look and feel better for yourself, and in your ex’s eyes

Which means…

  • No more panicking or flipping out.

  • No more constantly checking your phone for new messages.

  • No more missing meals because of a loss of appetite.

  • No more endless nights of mental agony. 

Finally, you can get your ex back without letting them slip away and forget about you…

The key to getting your ex back is speed.

You can’t push them too hard…

… but if you leave it too long, the distance between you will grow and when they meet someone new, that distance becomes an impossible leap to get back with them.

But when you keep them close, using the tactics in this ebook, you’ll be able to get them back in no time… even if they have met someone new.

And if you decide you don’t want them back, you will certainly make them see what they’ve been missing and may even find they chase you around town for months.

Take Back Control!

Either way, wouldn’t it feel so much better, knowing that you have control over this spiralling, heavy hearted situation you’re in… and that you have every chance of getting your loved one back?

Don’t waste hundreds of dollars per hour on counsellors or shrinks, who only give you wishy-washy “government approved” advice…

… because you can get the full step by step “Do-This-Do-That” guide to get your ex back, for just


"Either Get Your Ex Back Or Make Them Wish They'd Never Left You"

what to do to get your ex back
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If you’ve made it this far, then you’re obviously serious about either getting your ex back or making them wish they'd never left you. But I realize that you may still feel like it’s not as easy as I’ve made out so far.

Until you try my methods, you’ll never know.

But to remove the risk - and let you try this for yourself before you decide – I’m going to offer you a:

100% Guarantee Of Satisfaction

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Read this revealing eBook and follow the practical advice inside, and if you’re not totally convinced this will help you either get your Ex back or make them wish they had never left you then you pay nothing.

Sound fair?

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P.S – Remember, there’s a reason why some couples get back together and others don’t. The first thing is, they don’t panic or act crazy. They act in a way that makes their ex actually regretful for leaving them. Then they say and do subtle things to build desire in their ex’s hearts and minds.

And finally, they put everything in place to facilitate getting their ex back, without any hard feelings or resentment.

It really is that simple.

But each step requires careful treading and specific things you should do and say for the best possible outcome. Screw it up and you could lose that person for good. Get it right and you’ll have them crawling back to you in no time.

Can you afford to take the risk?

Act now before they distance themselves out of reach… and before they truly move on for good.

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Warm Wishes
A C James

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